Rae’s House Critters

There was a time when I had many many pets. Some I got on my own, others I adopted from shelters, or took in from friends/acquaintances in re-homing situations. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve had cats, ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, a gargoyle gecko, lovebird, monk parrot, zebra finches, aquarium fish, betta fish, hermit crabs, frogs, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and a boa constrictor. Not all at the same time…but almost every place I’ve lived post-college has had a dedicated “animal room.” The animal care instructions for the times I went on vacation were 5 pages long. 🙂

Over the past few years, various life circumstances have resulted in a downsizing of my “zoo.” I never had to give any away, but as a critter passed on, I just wouldn’t take in anybody new. Now I have two toddlers (human ones!) and they require A LOT of my attention. The Zoo is threadbare…but as the kids get older, I look forward to introducing them to more two-to-four legged housemates.

Still, it wouldn’t be home without some non-humanoids to share space with. Here are the handful of critters that put up with me and my brood. 🙂

Sagira ~ 10 year old cat

Sagira's headshot. She does community theater.
Sagira’s headshot. She does community theater.

Sagira is the matriarch of The Zoo. I adopted her from my vet’s office when she was 5 months old. Initially, I went in to meet her only so I could help find a home for her. LOL. I took her home instead. She’s a typical tortie… independent, feisty, prissy, and very talkative. You can actually tell when she’s swearing at you. Both of my kids had to learn how to approach her, and incurred many battle scars in the process. But they each went insane with pride once they were able to pat her without her running away. It is so awesome to see my kids already learning how to approach and respect animals. And kinda sweet to watch Sagira, the Queen of Snit and Hissy Fits, choose to walk up and snuggle against one of them.

Hermit Crabs


These guys are fairly new…and still camera shy. There are three: there’s “The Big Guy,” who is bigger then the other two, “The Friendly One,” who, if you take him out, he will actually come out and crawl on your hand (my son has THE FUNNIEST LAUGH when he gets to see this crab), and “Invisible Crab,” who I have not seen since I first let him loose in the habitat. I don’t smell anything, so I don’t think he’s dead. I have to clean the cage soon, so I’ll find him one way or another.

Friendly Guy & Big Guy
Friendly One & Big Guy
Newt & Friendly Guy
Newt & Friendly One

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