Lords and Ladies! Boys and Girls of all ages! PREPARE TO LEARN.

No really. You’re gonna get schooled Rae-style.

I shall tell you a tale from when I was younger…childless…and much more adventurous. Some friends and I piled into a van and drove from Boston to NYC to see the band Barenaked Ladies perform. The concert ended late, but for some reason we had to head back that same night.

My friend Bob was driving. Everyone else in the car had fallen asleep. I was riding shotgun. He requested/politely demanded that I talk to him to help keep him awake. I asked what he wanted me to talk about. He said: “Anything. Just talk.”

So…I started talking about great white sharks. I told him about the different places they live, what they eat, why they die if they stop swimming, how they maintain a body temperature above the temp of the surrounding water, how they hunt, how they replace their teeth, and what the Ampullae of Lorenzini are.

I talked for two hours. Bob groaned a lot. BUT… he didn’t fall asleep. And we made it home. So, in theory, my mind-numbing fact spouting ability saved us from a fiery death on the side of the Mass Pike.

This was over ten years ago. To this day, Bob STILL refers to that car ride as “The Night I Learned More About Great White Sharks Than I Ever Wanted To.”

It is time to share this talent with a wider audience.

POOF. Welcome to Rae’s Wild World. The water’s fine…come on in!




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